Performance/Participatory theatre, Taitung, Taiwan 2019 

What are we really exchanging under the rapid stream called “culture exchanges”?

Performance artist Wei-Ling Hung has carried her camera and tightly lived within the community in Sam Rit village, located in Northeast (Isaan) Thailand for two months. By being engaged in one of the most important traditions, Long Boat race (Khaeng Ruea Raw), she tried to clarify the communal spirituality and physical memory in a broader sense. After coming back to Taiwan, Wei-Ling decided to experiment with embodied memories, and transform experiences into the art collaboration in TaiTung. Referring to Thai long boat race rituals, she integrated materials through improvisation practice, discussion, and environmental research with the dancer, Chou Chen-Hui. The result of development was presented into three parts of performances, ’Sacred’, ‘Transformation’, and ‘Departure’.

Each part will be performed in a different location. The audience are invited to take part in and finish ceremonies together. The second part, Transformation, will be presented at The Corridor Art Space, together with her visual works.


表演/參與式環境劇場, 2019


洪瑋翎背著相機在泰國Ban Sam Rit以人類學式的觀察就地取材,在異文化的儀式之中試圖感受共通的精神性與身體記憶,同時不斷對“儀式與文化”被形式化與空泛化的現象提出疑問。回台灣後,藝術家以自身為媒介,以東北泰長舟賽為回憶再製的背景,並與獨立舞者周承慧合作,持續在台東取材。經由地景探勘、即興練習、素材篩選、討論編制後,重新詮釋伐木、造船、祭拜等動作,並轉譯、發展出三個階段的表演儀式,邀請觀眾來一起完成。第二階段“轉生”,預計在台東洄廊演出、並與其他視覺作品一起展出。

演出藝術家:周承慧、Viktor Schramek、洪瑋翎