Born in Taipei, Taiwan (1988)

Social Works, National Taiwan University(2007-2010).

Textiles, Foundation Diploma, Central Saint Martin of Art and Design(2010-2011) 

Fine Arts, Gerrit Rietveld Academic(2012-2016). 

Artistic director and Curator, The Corridor Gallery, Taiwan (2018-)

Currently works in Taiwan.


Wei Ling Hung studied Social Work at the National Taiwan University and graduated from the Department of Fine Arts, Gerrit Rietveld Academie in Amsterdam in Netherlands. She currently works as a performance art and moving images artist between Taiwan and Netherlands. Wei Ling uses a multidisciplinary approach in her work employing a diverse range of media. Communication, identification, the sense of belonging and out of place, are essential debates revealed through Wei Ling’s immersive way of story telling. In most of her works she constructs and performs intuitively to push and play with the boundaries of the materials, as if a modern wanderer’s liquid state of identification in current society. What does mean to be completed in an unit? What does it meant to be an individual in social ecology?

Wei Ling has participated art shows and performances in Amsterdam Museum, EYE Film institute, Taipei Fringe Art Festival, W139 Amsterdam, PAB (Performance Arts Bergen) Open, TA-DA in Copenhagen, Arte Laguna Price in Venice, Taitung Sugar Factory Life festival, Sam Rit Residency Thailand and etc.  

洪瑋翎1988年出⽣於臺北。2016畢業於荷蘭瑞特菲爾德藝術學院(Gerrit Rietveld Academie)美術系(Fine Art),旅居歐洲六年後轉回台灣發展,現居台灣台東。創作媒材主要有複合媒材繪畫,多媒體裝置,與⾏為表演。多年與不同場域的⼈嘗試過跨形式的合作,田野式的觀察與浸淫、素材即興運用為瑋翎以藝術家參與社會的基調。她的錄像裝置、行為、表演,反映儀式身體、空間與記憶間的關係,並試著再現異文化中不同身份的交融狀態,如夢境般的創作語彙透露濃濃的社會人文關懷,與期盼打開更多視角的實驗力道。


Solo Show <The Complex of Belonging>,MUD STUDIO, Yilan TW Duo Show <Catastrophe of Plants’ Mind>, Hau&Wei, The Corridor, Taitung, TW Performance <Impro>, Collaboration with Lin I-Chi, Chou Chenhuei, Viktor Schramek Solo Show <Exchange>, featuring two performances <Sacred>, <Transformation>                                    The Corridor Gallery/ The rice field, Taitung TW


Moving images project <“WE ARE FAMILY“>, funded by Overseas Arts Travel NACF Sam Rit Residency, Korat TH <Repair in Context> Performance, Collaboration with Shai Tamir Taitung Sugar Factory Life Festival, Taitung TW   <洄//遊> Series of site-specific improvisation, Corridor Gallery, Taitung TW <Your Skin is not My Skin_> Performance, Arte Laguna Prize finalist artists exhibition, Venice IT <TA-DA Opening with Wei Ling Hung> Solo Show, TA-DA, Copenhagen DK


<Honestly, I Can't> Performance/ Collaboration with Chun-Han Chiang, PAB (Performance Art Bergen) OPEN Festival, Bergen NO                                                                                                                   <The Wild> Group Show, W139, Amsterdam NL                                                                                      <The Last time We are Here> Performance/ Collaboration with Chun-Han Chiang,                                       Eighteen 29, Amsterdam NL                                                                                                                     <LIVE/MOVE_ON> Performance, Stichting Vredenburgh Studio, Amsterdam NL     



<EUtopia> Group Show in Bridewell Studios, Liverpool, UK                                                           Graduation Show Gerrit Rietveld Academie, Amsterdam, NL                                                                     <The Syncopated Dialectics of Words and Things> Group Show in Rietveld Pavilion, Amsterdam, NL         VAV x EYE Short film project, screening at EYE Film institute, Amsterdam, NL                                   <2053: The Community of The Living Museum> Performance event host by Tate Liverpool, Liverpool, UK




<Unfolding  s> Performance Exhibition, Organized and performed with Yoojin Lee, Rietveld Pavillion, Amsterdam, NL                                                                                                                                   <Don’t Bring Flowers> Group Show at General Vetterstraat 66, Amsterdam, NL             <Iprovo> Performance in Amsterdam Museum, Amsterdam, NL                                                         Rietveld Uncut in de Brakke Grond, Part of <Fine Arts musical project>




<EEA14-Remix> Group Show, exhibited and curated in Rietveld Glass Pavilion, Amsterdam, NL         European Exchange Academy 14, Group Show in Beelitz, DE                                                                  <FLAM V> Festival (Forum of Live Art Amsterdam) Performance with Nora Popp in het Amsterdamse Arti et Amicitiae, Amsterdam NL                                                                                                           Bochumer Straße Spricht, Group exhibition in Gelsenkirchen, DE




<The project of Arts Environment Development> funded by Taiwan National Culture and Art Foundation, 2018   <The project of  Overseas Arts Travel> funded by Taiwan National Culture and Art Foundation, 2018   <Arte Laguna Prize Venice>, finalist artist in Performance Art session, 2018 Rietveld Profile Fund, 2016 Schuurman Schimmel van Outeren Stichting, 2016